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Your Song Designs sells music greeting cards and gifts. Each item is handmade using vintage sheet music and decorative papers from around the world. 

Letting it all go

Music from my garden

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Andy Warhol

When I slow down to take in the world around me, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and magic that surrounds us. These moments of wonder change and inspire me and I hope they will uplift you, too.

Letting it all go

Julie Haydon

I am in awe of deciduous trees in the winter. They courageously stand completely bare to the world during the harshest months of the year. A deciduous tree takes a whole season off for restoration. It lets go of everything it has worked so hard to produce, every single leaf.   As the temperatures begin to drop, the tree shuts down food production. The lack of chlorophyll causes leaves to change color and eventually drop. When trees drop their leaves, they go into a type of dormancy, a time to rest and prepare for the next season.  To me, this is a remarkable example of self-care.

I have come to appreciate that this letting go process actually allows the tree to rejuvenate itself and to feed and protect the plants around it. The leaves from my Japanese Maple fall off gracefully, creating the perfect mulch to protect its roots and the plants around it during the coldest months of winter, while recharging the soil with nutrients so it can produce new leaves in the spring. Having the courage to let go and pare down actually helps the tree and its neighboring plants prepare for the glory days of spring. What a bold way to face a new season, stripped down and humbly letting go of everything, completely trusting in the cycles of nature.

_What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful._ (1).png

 In my own life, I often discover the very “leaf” that seems most precious and critical to my survival is the very one I must let fall to the ground. So many times, I cling to a task or a role that seems so important, only to discover that letting it go is the key to a stage of fulfilling new growth.  Imagine what potential we might all have for growth if once a year, we set everything down, all of the lists and projects and responsibilities that seem to give our hours and days meaning.  If we stood there, barren to the world without anything governing our time, how would we see the world differently? Which tasks would we choose to pick up again intentionally and which ones might we decide to leave behind?  How long could we have the courage to stand there without these lists and titles that give us the illusion of self-importance?

In the words of Deepak Chopra, “ In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.” What is so remarkable to me now is that I see just how beautiful the frame of a tree is, even without the embellishment of lush green foliage or beautiful fall colors. The simple elegant branches, stretched out like the limbs of a dancer, are lovely all on their own.

life is a daring adventure.png

Julie Haydon is an artist and musician living the beautiful hills of Oakland, CA who creates works of beauty that brings people together.  When she is not at work in the studio or making music, she is outside playing in the dirt or hiking with her husband and their two spoiled dogs. 

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