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Your Song Designs sells music greeting cards and gifts. Each item is handmade using vintage sheet music and decorative papers from around the world. 


Music from my garden

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Andy Warhol

When I slow down to take in the world around me, I am overwhelmed by the beauty and magic that surrounds us. These moments of wonder change and inspire me and I hope they will uplift you, too.

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Turning right

Julie Haydon

Every day, I hike the beautiful hills surrounding my home with my two dogs. My favorite trail winds down into a beautiful canyon, then turns to the left to follow a creek. I love this trail and to take it always feels like an indulgence to be savored. At the fork where we turn left, another trail goes to the right, down the hill…. When we got to the bottom of the canyon, I turned to the right for the first time.

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Letting it all go

Julie Haydon

I am in awe of deciduous trees in the winter. They stand so tall and so proud, completely bare to the world during the harshest months of the year. To me, this is a remarkable example of self-care. A deciduous tree actually prepares itself to rest and restore. It lets go of everything it has worked so hard to produce, every single leaf.   

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